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Get to know a school where every student is valuable and where we foster personal growth in a friendly and stimulating environment.
At FLOW, we place great emphasis on a psychologically safe environment for children and their parents. Among other things, each class offers three zones for education: master class, relax zone and deep work. This, combined with flexible furniture and 90-minute blocks, allows educators and children to better immerse themselves in the subject matter and enjoy the project to the fullest. We believe that such a prepared environment contributes not only to the cognitive development of children, but also to their overall psychological and mental well-being.

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Pupil Profile

The student of FLOW School is inquisitive, creative and open to new challenges. Thanks to our educational philosophy, they will learn not only academic skills, but also critical thinking, collaboration and digital literacy. Our students are encouraged to develop their strengths and discover new areas of interest. In our school, it is not only what we learn, but also how we learn.

Extracurricular activities

We offer a variety of classes and activities that develop social skills and creativity. We also work with other institutions to provide students with access to a wide range of activities.

How do we do this in FLOW?

The school day at FLOW begins at 7:30 a.m. with a morning retinue and continues with a morning circle at 8:15. This is followed by two mid-morning 90 min blocks. Lunch is scheduled for 12 p.m., followed by an afternoon program and rings, with the possibility of a retinue until 5:00 p.m.

More detailed information about our educational approach can be found in FLOW Training Program. In the section Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) You will learn about our educations, what makes Flow different, joint events for families, parental involvement in the educational process, schools in nature, offering extracurricular activities, promoting an inclusive environment, integrating technology into teaching, mental health care, homework, teaching English and communicating with parents about their children's progress.