Education for the Future:
our approaches and methods

At FLOW School, we offer educational programs that are carefully designed to develop each student's abilities and talents. We focus on combining innovative teaching approaches with traditional academic foundations to ensure our students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

How we teach in Flow

Our vision is to be a regional leader in the field of basic education based on project teaching, technology and extended foreign language learning in order to achieve positive systemic change throughout the Czech Republic. Our mission is to help children develop the mindset of future innovators.

Hejny's mathematics

The use of the Hejný method in mathematics represents a revolutionary approach that focuses on a deep understanding of mathematical principles and concepts through discovery, experimentation and practical applications. This approach allows children to see mathematics in a broader context and use it as a tool for solving real-world problems. Thanks to this, mathematics ceases to be a bogeyman and becomes a fascinating subject that develops logical thinking and the ability to think analytically.

Comenia Script

Adopting the Comenia Script method in our teaching brings many benefits. This writing method is designed to be intuitive and promote the natural development of writing skills in children. Thanks to its easy legibility and intelligibility, children learn to write faster and more efficiently, which leads to a better and faster acquisition of the ability to write and read. Comenia Script thus represents a significant step forward in making written expression accessible to all pupils.

Teaching in blocks

Moving from traditional 45-minute classes to 90-minute blocks allows us to delve deeper into topics and give children space to understand the curriculum. This approach promotes learning in “flow”, a state of maximum concentration and engagement, and enables the acquisition of new information more effectively. Children have three such blocks per day, which means fewer transfers and more time for quality teaching.

Morning ring

We start each school day with a unique meeting - a morning circle, where children have the opportunity to freely express themselves on any topic, share their emotions and mentally prepare for the coming day. This time is not only about sharing, but also about practicing non-violent communication, where children learn to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that respects others. The feedback session, a section dedicated to mutual feedback, helps build a positive relationship with self-expression and strengthens children's social skills.

Holistic development of children

Overall, our school emphasizes an innovative and holistic approach to education that respects the individual needs and interests of each child. We strive to create an environment in which children can learn through experience, discovery and practical application of knowledge. Our goal is to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful life in the 21st century, with key values such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and social responsibility firmly embedded in our curriculum.

A group of project components

Our daycare center is not just a place to babysit after school, but an active and proactive environment that expands and complements the daily learning program. Activities in the club are carefully planned to correspond with the monthly projects and support their goals. Children here have the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge through various forms of work, which may include creative workshops, scientific experiments or other practical activities. In this way, the retinue becomes an integral part of the overall educational experience, strengthens the children's relationship with learning and supports their overall development.

Monthly Plans

Every month we prepare a comprehensive document for parents, which contains an overview of expected project goals, didactic goals, key competencies and expected outputs from the main subjects. This transparency allows parents a better understanding of the school program and encourages their involvement in their children's educational process.

Events & Excursions

Part of our educational program are regular trips and field trips that allow children to explore the world outside the classroom and apply the knowledge gained in practice. These activities not only expand the horizons of children, but also promote their social and emotional development. In addition, they allow children to better understand the complexities and realities of everyday life and develop a sense of curiosity and a desire to learn.

Demo days

These days are reserved for the presentation of the children's work on the projects they created during the month. The format of these presentations is flexible so that children can experiment with different ways of expressing and sharing their ideas. Demo days are also a significant opportunity for parents to see the progress and achievements of their children, which strengthens the relationship between school and family and encourages mutual cooperation.

Projects as relationships

Our projects are designed to reflect the real world, from identifying a problem to solving and presenting it. Each project lasts a month and involves a challenge, a process of finding a solution and presenting it in front of others. This approach strengthens children's ability for critical thinking, teamwork and effective communication. Children learn not only to work on a project, but also to present their results, which prepares them for future challenges in both academic and professional life.

Flexible furniture

In our school, we place emphasis on modern and innovative approaches to education, which is reflected in the layout of our classrooms. We are moving away from traditional, rigidly placed benches that limited opportunities for learning and interaction. Instead, our classrooms are equipped with flexible furniture that can be easily moved and adapted to the current educational needs.

English according to Cambridge

Our school places an emphasis on quality English teaching, which is why we work with native speakers who teach according to the proven methodologies of Cambridge English and Jolly Phonics. This combined approach involves playful and interactive techniques that not only entertain children, but also effectively support the development of their language skills. Regular Cambridge tests are then a valuable tool for measuring children's progress and readiness internationally, opening the door to a world of global opportunity for them.

Ours tenets

Development of self-awareness, cooperation and creativity

Our goal is to develop in students a deep self-awareness that is the foundation for personal growth and success. We encourage collaboration that is key to developing social skills and creativity that enables students to discover and develop their unique talents. In our teaching, it emphasizes critical thinking, teamwork and innovative problem-solving.


Cesta k osobnímu růstu

Naším cílem je rozvíjet u žáků hluboké sebeuvědomění, které považujeme za základní kámen osobního růstu a úspěchu. Věříme, že sebeuvědomění představuje první krok k sebepoznání, sebereflexi a sebeřízení, což jsou klíčové aspekty pro formování silných a odolných osobností.

School Flow


Klíč k rozvoji sociálních dovedností

Podporujeme spolupráci mezi studenty, protože ji považujeme za nezbytnou pro rozvoj jejich sociálních dovedností a schopnost pracovat efektivně v týmu. Spolupráce je základem pro budování mezilidských vztahů, zlepšování komunikace a rozvoj empatie, což jsou vlastnosti důležité nejen ve školním prostředí, ale i v budoucím profesním a osobním životě.


Dveře do světa jedinečných talentů

Kreativita dětem pomáhá objevovat a rozvíjet své jedinečné talenty. Podporujeme tvořivý přístup k učení, který jim umožňuje přijít s netradičními řešeními problémů, experimentovat a projevovat své myšlenky originálním způsobem. V naší výuce klademe důraz na kritické myšlení, týmovou práci a inovace, které jsou základem pro rozvoj kreativity a adaptability v neustále se měnícím světě.

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